Fasting, diets are fads that fail most people – The Daily Herald

Fasting, diets are fads that fail most people - The Daily Herald

In A 24/7 diet culture, we should all just say no to the latest fad

In response to a recent article by the AP’s Candice Choi about periodic fasting and weight loss, I just say, no.

No to diet culture. No to intermittent fasting. No to Paleo, Keto, WW, and all the other “New” diets that will work for a short period of time. Over 90 percent fail. The diets fail, not the people who try them.

Our bodies are doing what they should, and when you diet, your metabolism will slow. A quote from the article, “On fasting days, people may allow themselves 600 calories, if needed.” Who’s body would not need 600 calories to function properly? Your brain alone needs over 500 calories from carbohydrates daily, just to basically function, never mind all of the body parts you depend on to get through the day.

If you listened to your body and ate when you were hungry, did not limit any food, you would not have disordered eating in your life. (That is what dieting is, disordered eating.) You would know that there are no inherently good or bad foods that need to limited or binged on.

Genetics play a big part in what our bodies look like, as does where we live, what we can afford, and whether we have time or knowledge to cook or bake what we want to eat. Weight stigma, how society treats fat people, also plays a big role in what we look like, and what our health is.

We all would do better to realize that all of diet culture, which is a $72 billion industry, is always promoting something new. Why? Because over 90 percent of all diets fail.

We need to find joy in our bodies and lives, eat when and what we want, and stop judging ourselves and others as to what size we are.

Faith Martian, registered dietitian


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