Blown pass interference calls in Cowboys-Giants debacle has Hall of Famer Tony Dungy fired up –


Tony Dungy is one of the best people in the NFL fraternity and it takes a lot to fire him up. But enough is enough when it comes to the NFL’s new pass interference challenge rules.

Like most people who watch the NFL, Dungy was displeased by the handling of at least one pass interference non-call challenge during the fourth quarter of the Cowboys’ 37-18 victory over the Giants.

Giants coach Pat Shurmur lost a timeout during a drive at the 11:50 mark with a failed instant replay challenge of a pass interference non-call which changed the game as it was allowed to stand.

There’s a sense around the league that officials are taking the new challenge rule personally and aren’t overturning some of the most obvious missed calls out of spite.

Now an analyst for NBC’s Football Night in America, Dungy revealed his frustration with the league’s instant replay challenge policy this afternoon via Twitter.

Please NFL do us a favor and don’t let coaches challenge any more Pass Interference calls. You’re causing teams to lose time outs, making your officiating department look inept, and making us fans feel stupid—like we don’t know the meaning of clear, obvious and significant!

The tweet was accompanied by the photo revealing clear pass interference by a Cowboys defensive back on a Giants wide receiver during the play.

There are many coaches in favor of the new rule, which allows them to challenge pass interference calls during games. However, it does slow games down. Plus, when coaches lose challenges, they lose timeouts which affect the outcomes of games.

So, in a sense, Dungy is asking the NFL to save its coaches from themselves and to save the fans from these long, drawn-out stoppages during games.

He argues its the officials’ jobs to make these calls and the new process gives more people a say over each call, compounding the problem.

Dungy doesn’t waste words, so when he speaks people listen. And I tend to agree that pass interference challenges (or non-call challenges) can hinder a game.

Unless it’s my team that needs to challenge a call.

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